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Along with increasing customer convenience, utilizing smartphones and mobile apps has also increased vulnerability to hacking. With the U.S. responsible for nearly half of all credit card fraud worldwide, major banking institutions are eager to rectify these vulnerabilities. Their goals to protect consumer information and decrease monetary losses have driven the integration of biometric solutions. These biometric practices such as fingerprint, iris, and palm recognition have already proven effective in foreign markets, however financial stakeholders are still struggling to identify which strategies will be most adaptable and effective in the U.S.

As a result, IQPC's 2nd Annual Biometrics in Banking and Financial Services 2017 will create a platform for banking VPs to address integration concerns with solution providers who specialize in biometrics. This event offers vendors the unique opportunity to leverage the event's intimate atmosphere with to discuss your value proposition with an audience that's eager to listen.


  • U.S. Responsible for 47% of all credit card fraud worldwide - Barclays
  • By 2020, the U.S, government will contribute $5.5 BILLION IN REVENUE for companies to integrate biometric solutions. -Goode Intelligence
  • The Biometric system market size is expected to increase from $11 Billion to $32 Billion by 2022 - MarketsandMarkets
  • Smartphone purchases will see a PROJECTED INCREASE FROM $3 BILLION TO $31 BILLION - Business 3 Community


VPs, Directors, and Heads of:

  • Fraud Prevention
  • Cyber Security
  • Mobile Banking
  • Customer Experience
  • Digital Strategy
  • Payment Instruments
  • Innovation Payments and Cash Management
  • Information Security
  • Digital Payments
  • Global Product Acceptance
  • Online Security
  • Emerging Products and Innovation
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Digital Asset Holdings
  • Transformation Technology
  • ...and more


This event will provide a unique opportunity for solution providers that specialize in:

  • Smartphone Scanning Solutions and Apps
  • Iris Recognition
  • Facial Recognition
  • Voice Recognition
  • Vein Recognition
  • Fingerprint


We offer a variety of opportunities to ensure your group is receiving the necessary exposure with this high level audience.

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