June 26-27, 2017
New York, NY

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2nd Biometrics for Banking and Financial Services - Official Agenda

Download the official agenda for the 2nd Biometrics for Banking & Financial Services Summit for insight into topics and sessions. Alternatively, email us at enquiryiqpc@iqpc.com to receive a copy via... Read More


Top 6 News Stories of 2016

The days of physical cards, numerical PINs and other archaic password security measures may soon be over. A lot is happening in biometrics as it relates to the banking  and financial services space this year. We’ve taken the liberty of rounding up the most relevant news stories to refresh your memory ahead of the... Read More

Special Report: Biometrics and Banking

This white paper provides an updated overview and market synopsis of biometrics for the global financial sector. Courtesy of our partners at Biometric Update. Research conducted by the Biometrics Research Group, Inc. Topics in this 17-page white paper include:Wide Adoption of Biometrics in PaymentsFinancial Biometrics MarketIdentifying Parties to... Read More

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A Letter to Convince Your Boss

Present your approving manager with this customizable letter detailing the reasons why you should attend the Biometrics for Banking and Financial Services event, and you'll be sure to receive permission to join... Read More

Biometrics for Banking & Financial Services - Registration Form

Speed up your attendance! Complete this registration form and email back to us at enquiryiqpc@iqpc.com for a speedy... Read More

Past Attendee Snapshot

Take a look at the executives - broken down by job title and company - who attended the last iteration of the Biometrics in Banking & Financial Services Summit. Will you be there this... Read More

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Transforming User Experience through Biometrics

Carron Oswald, Online Banking & Mobile Product Manager at Chevron Federal Credit Union (FCU), speaks to us in an exclusive interview about how the implementation of biometric technology has helped customer experience, current challenges within the online banking and mobile product area at FCU, technologies that could help FCU reach its goal of... Read More


Perspective of 45 Participating Banks at EAB Biometrics for Banking and Payments Seminars

The main takeaway from the EAB seminars is that biometric technologies are quickly becoming a significant element of various identification and authentication processes within the financial services industry. Read on about what else was discovered, courtesy of Biometric... Read More

Report: Banks to Increase Their Use of Behavioral Analytics

Aite Group has published a new report, “Digital Channel Fraud Mitigation: The Mobile Force Awakens,” which details the latest threats to banks and their customers, as well as banking security technologies such as biometric authentication. This article is courtesy of Biometric... Read More


Biometrics & Banking on the Rise

We have put together the most critical stories of 2017 revolving around the biometrics in banking industry in this comprehensive... Read More

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Biometrics for Banking and Financial Services Sponsorship Prospectus

Take a look at the sponsorship prospectus for the 2017 Biometrics for Banking and Financial Services Summit! To have a copy sent to you directly please email... Read More