June 26-27, 2017
New York, NY

Biometrics for Banking and Financial Services

Securing customer’s and company data has always been a top priority within the financial sector. For years, banks and financial companies have continued to improve their security measures so personal information that is divulged in order to set up accounts will have the utmost protection and will continue to keep fraudulent instances from happening. With the expected increase in security, the financial institute has started to look into and invest in biometrics as an alternative form of passwords and PIN numbers. With cost being one of the main reasons in holding companies back from implementing into all devices, companies have begun to increase the amount of pilot projects with online sites, ATM machines, phone applications and call centers, to grasp how customers would react to alternative methods of verification to ensure their savings, investments and personal information is protected.

At the first ever Biometrics in Banking and Financial Services Summit, IQPC will bring together leaders within the financial industry to discuss the next steps, challenges and case studies from experiences in integrating the cost efficient and futuristic technology to keep customer data safe while simplifying the process to access funds. 

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